• Real Estate Analysis, Reimagined For The Digital Age

    Pareto Properties is a real estate technology firm. We build tools to help real estate investors find, analyze and buy under market properties in high growth markets.

  • Helping Real Estate Professionals 10x Their Output

    Pareto Properties is committed to helping real estate professionals maximize their output. We provide deal analysis software across major US cities. Our software tools help you find under market deals before they hit the market.

  • Markets

    Using the latest in AI and big data management tools, we are able to identify the most promising real estate opportunities while reducing the overhead of managing our assets.

    We are currently live in 2 major cities with more coming online Q4 2020.

    Houston, TX

    One of the fastest growing job markets in the US, Houston has many favorable real estate tail winds in its favor. As it diversifies beyond oil and gas, Houston is adding new jobs which is bringing an influx of new workers.

    Los Angeles

    The second largest US city, Los Angeles continues to be a core market for real estate development and rental growth.

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